Chorley Canine Solutions

specialising in dog training, and behavioural issues

Unleash your dog’s potential with our gentle, force-free training approach.

If you need a dog trainer in Chorley, Lancashire, please get in touch. We help struggling dog owners to understand their dogs and work together to achieve a long and happy life together.

Our training methods use positive force free techniques, incorporating games into the training. This means you can train your dog the ethical way whilst having fun so that you can achieve long lasting results.

‘The whole experience has been fantastic. I now feel like I have a new dog!

I cannot recommend highly enough if you have experienced issues with your dog’ – Nick

Zippy’s Story

We adopted a rescue dog, a terrier-cross called Zippy a year ago… Fortunately, a friend recommended Nicky of Canine Solutions. Nicky made it very EASY with SIMPLE STEPS. She was FRIENDLY and made the lessons FUN. Nicky was our saving grace… with her help, we now have a happy, confident little dog, if not somewhat cheeky. We’ve LEARNED so much, we can’t recommend her service enough, it’s the BEST THING we’ve done and we will always be grateful. Thanks, Nicky for restoring Zippy’s life and ours!

Dog Training

Chorley Canine Solutions one to one dog training sessions are designed to target common training problems. Each training session is followed up with written documents detailing the training we did so you can remain on track to achieve your dog owning dream!

Dog Behaviour

Chorley Canine Solutions offer behaviour modification programmes that are designed to tackle dog behavioural problems such as lunging, barking at other dogs or people, destructive behaviour at home when left alone or anxiety related behaviours.

Why Invest in Chorley Canine Solutions Dog Training?

  • Improve your relationship with your dog, understand their traits and become best friends
  • Be proud of your dog and their behaviour
  • If you are struggling to get the training into your daily routine, we will adapt the training to make it work for you
  • Easy, cost-effective monthly plans and training packages
  • Friendly, patient, understanding dog trainer
  • Simple training methods to implement

What Makes Chorley Canine Solutions Dog Training Unique?

What makes Chorley Canine Solutions different is that the head trainer, Nicky, is available to answer your queries and troubles outside of your training sessions to give you the best chance of improving; unlike some other dog trainer companies.

“Nicky was awesome… Quick tips and easy training methods have resolved any potential problems arising and I can enjoy the garden with my boys stress-free. Highly recommended” – Emma

General Training

  • Lead Walking – stop your dog from pulling and choking & prevent injury to themselves or you.
  • Reliable recall – stress-free walks without worrying about your dog running away.
  • Puppy training – raise your puppy to be a well-socialised adult dog. Avoid later behaviour problems.
  • Adolescence training – Survive the teenage phase. Avoid later behaviour problems.
  • General dog issues – jumping up at people, over-excited greeting of visitors, overexuberant play.

Unwanted Behaviour

  • Reactivity – Reduce negative reactions to people and environmental triggers.
  • Aggression with objects/food – Reduce your dog’s defensive behaviours around objects or food items.
  • Aggression with dogs – Reactivity, lunging, snarling, biting, barking at other dogs.
  • Destructive – Prevent your dog from ruining your house and garden.
  • Separation distress – Stop panic in your dog when left alone. Barking, whining, toileting when you are out. Stop neighbours complaining.
  • Fear – Help your dog avoid cowering, seeing and hiding due to noise, environmental or people sensitivity.

“I adopted a lovely rescue dog. From day one I was pulling my hair out as River had clearly faced trauma as a puppy and showed signs of food protection. I sought Nicky’s help and ultimately, with her amazing help, experienced a complete transformation. There was work to do but Nicky made it easy – just follow the steps… I will be forever grateful to her.” – Jake

Have more questions or wonder if training is right for your dog?

Why not book on for a FREE discovery call if prefer to chat before you commit. Find out more about your trainer. Ensure you get the correct service for you and your dog.

“Nicky has been a godsend for us and our Weimaraner, Flint… After just a couple of sessions with Nicky, we now have the tools to control situations with other dogs better, he is a much calmer dog as a result, and we are calmer people!” – Paula

Meet Your DOG Trainer

Nicky Calderbank FdSc, Founder

 My mission is to help dog owners, so they can achieve a long and happy life together.

I have always loved animals and owned dogs all my life, since 2015 I have focused all my energy into learning all about dogs. The journey really began when I rescued my dog, he had a relatively poor start in life which meant he had developed some behavioural problems. Many of his issues were more complex than those basic obedience training would solve.

This led me to delve deeper into the canine behaviour world which is, in my opinion, is a fascinating subject. I have completed a foundation degree in Canine Studies at Myerscough College, achieved accreditation with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Behaviourists (IMDTB) and various canine related CPD courses, worked within rescue centres gaining valuable experience and currently being mentored by Steve Mann, founder of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Dave Brice (Head behaviourist at IMDT).

From this combined knowledge and experience I was able to implement positive reinforcement techniques that has altered my dog’s behaviour far beyond my original goals.

I have learned dogs are not linear simple minded beings, but they are intelligent animals with complex emotions. Therefore, I am a firm believer in ‘force free training’ methods, simply because I would rather have a dog willing to do something I ask, rather than punish any unwanted behaviour. Dogs are diverse with different personalities; therefore, I can adapt my training services to each individual dog.

All my skills will be utilised when working with you and your dog, I will keep training sessions fun, easy to understand and offer support through your training journey.


Dog training with safety and your dogs welfare being a top priority.


Ensuring you understand why your dog does what they do and how you can help them.


Using force free methods to guide your dog during training.