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specialising in dog training, and behavioural issues

If you are in need of a dog trainer in Chorley, Lancashire, please get in touch. We will help you and your dog overcome any training issues that you have. Helping you understand your dog and teaching you how to achieve your goals that will make people say, ‘What a good dog!’

We use force free positive reinforcement methods, incorporating games into training. This means you can train your dog the ethical way whilst having fun so that you achieve long lasting results.

Dog Training

Chorley Canine Solutions one to one dog training sessions are designed to target common training problems. Each training session is followed up with written documents detailing the training we did so you can remain on track to achieve your dog owning dream!

Dog Behaviour

If you live in the Chorley area and are struggling with your dog lunging, barking at other dogs or people, or destroying your home when you go out, I can help!

Meet Your Trainer

Nicky Calderbank FdSc, Founder

 My mission is to help dog owners, so they can achieve a long and happy life together.

I have always loved animals and owned dogs all my life, since 2015 I have focused all my energy into learning all about dogs. The journey really began when I rescued my dog, he had a relatively poor start in life which meant he had developed some behavioural problems. Many of his issues were more complex than those basic obedience training would solve.

This led me to delve deeper into the canine behaviour world which is, in my opinion, is a fascinating subject. I have completed a foundation degree in Canine Studies at Myerscough College, various canine related CPD courses, worked within rescue centres gaining valuable experience and currently being mentored by Steve Mann, founder of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Dave Brice (Head behaviourist at IMDT).

From this combined knowledge and experience I was able to implement positive reinforcement techniques that has altered my dog’s behaviour far beyond my original goals.

I have learned dogs are not linear simple minded beings, but they are intelligent animals with complex emotions. Therefore, I am a firm believer in ‘positive training’ methods, simply because I would rather have a dog willing to do something I ask, rather than punish any unwanted behaviour. Dogs are diverse with different personalities; therefore, I can adapt my training services to each individual dog.

All my skills will be utilised when working with you and your dog, I will keep training sessions fun, easy to understand and offer support through your training journey.


  • FdSc Canine Studies (Myerscough College)
  • IMDT Level 4, Behaviour Consultations and Functions of Behaviour (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)
  • Dog Walking, Boarding and Care Accredited Diploma (Canine Principles)
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